1.- Browse the Store and click on the buy button to add products to your order or shopping cart.

2. Once you have completed your order select or press the confirm button to access your shopping cart.

3.-If not yet registered eha s must register as a user if you are already registered authenticate with your access data.

4.- Once authenticated can continue with the following steps to indicate shipping address and payment.

5.-The payment should not do so until we confirm the shipping. Shipping costs are will confirm when we receive your order and let us check weights and volumes, then send you a 2nd e-mail informing you of:

A. Details of your order.

b.- Shipping (COD and possible costs if you chose that form of payment) 

ie total Imports

d.-Payment method chosen for as well as payments *

* We will indicate the account where to transfer income if elected, will send request for payment by payal if elegió payment by paypal.