Terms of Sale

This contract of service or sale of personal property, is underwritten, in part, by Rafael Martín Oltra trading company, established in Street 407, No. 7-46182 Valencia - Spain and provided with NIF no. 22677364P.

Authorized by the Generalitat Valenciana Industry, comerç i innovació - Document of Qualifaciació Artessana No. DCA: 4823 - Ordenació Lleí of the craft 1/1984 of 18 April. VENDOR onwards.

And, secondly, by the user or REGISTERED USER, whose personal data are those that have been recorded by it in the order form or registration form, respectively, the Bank has made available in the URL pipesmartin .com All data included in the aforementioned form have been entered directly, so the responsibility for their authenticity corresponds directly and exclusively to the user. Henceforth PURCHASER.

The company says that the information provided will be automatically processed prior express consent and in compliance with the requirements of the Organic Data Protection Act 15/99 of 13 December.


The PURCHASER understands that the information contained in the URL, in reference to the specifications and service descriptions to be acquired, and the general conditions of contract and completion of the contract, and are quite sufficient to exclude any error in training of consent.

However, VENDOR agrees to notify the BUYER PART any specification or description of services to be acquired, and legal concerning the contractual relationship, at first request by any means giving evidence; that as long as they are available to the former.


This contract of service or sale, as appropriate, seeks the service or product selected by the PURCHASER PART among all those offered by the seller through your URL pipesmartin.com.

The characteristics of the service or product item for sale are listed as a description of it on the relevant website, and are identified by the VENDOR. The organization ensures that all these services or products comply with the applicable regulations imposed for marketing and advertising the Spanish Law.

The PURCHASER expressly states that have proceeded to reading, understanding them in their entirety, and that you agree with them.


The purchase price of the service or product is specified in the URL, beside the selected service or product.

The PURCHASER expressly states that he has read it, understood it, and is fully compliant with its contents.

The PVP and pointed VAT to 21%, Not included shipping charges apply.

The user acknowledges and accepts that the final amount to be paid by the service purchased, will result from the sum of the price indicated, the applicable VAT and dispatch costs.

NOTICE Please note that after your order will receive a confirmation mail first and then will send you an e-mail stating 2nd apicables postage to the order and the total of your order to proceed to the payment of the same according to the form of payment.


The final amount of the service or product, shall be paid by the PURCHASER by any of the means of payment authorized by the VENDOR and, for safety of the customer, are:

. Bank transfer to the specified account.
The account will be communicated on the 2nd e-mail and the total of your order including shipping

. Paypal.
For payment by Paypal will send a request for payment using Paypal, and with your order total including shipping

Upon receipt and verification of payment will be initiated by the VENDOR the processing of the service or product delivery.

. Contrareembolso.

For COD payment will send you a 2nd e-mail the total amount of your order including shipping, so you have prepared the amount to order delivery

After receiving the corresponding payment service, the VENDOR shall issue and send the INVOICE with your order to the address on the subscription, or specified by the customer.


The delivery of services are fixed at a maximum of 7 working days and in any case the delivery time is counted from the VENDOR receives the fare, except if you elgido the COD payment.

Shipments are made by Post, licenses the period ranges from 2 days normally but seven dís set for possible delays due to the post office.


The limits of validity of prices and matching are maintaining the service or product in the URL of THE VENDOR.


The Return of the goods shall be previously agreed with PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES, and forever will be produced by Transport Agency agreed between PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES and client.

PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES guarantee if you are not satisfied with products purchased can always return them within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods, except for orders that have been developed to measure and provided the it is in perfect condition and in original packaging. The shipping and transportation costs and secure the return will be borne by the customer will not be returned.

If the return is due to any of the reasons listed below, PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES will pay the shipping and return costs at no charge to the customer.

PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES inform your client that accepts only transport costs incurred in returning the goods by the deadline purpose in the law and if fulfilled at all times with delivery standards detailed in the Terms of this were of any of the following cases:

1.La goods were defective in this respect: PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES be as provided in the Product Liability Act and proceeded to immediately replace the product with identical conditions and benefits and ALWAYS THE CUSTOMER had fulfilled the requirements of paragraph describing delivery.

2.PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES also shall repay the amount of the goods and delivery fees when for no breach (whether direct or indirect) to it, it becomes unable to serve.

3.PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES accept returned merchandise and will take care of postage when for reasons attributable to it, the delivered product does not correspond to that requested by the client and ALWAYS THE CUSTOMER had fulfilled the requirements of paragraph describing delivery. (See Terms and Conditions).

4.PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES accept returned merchandise and will bear the postage if this were to target with damage or breakages and the buyer a note in the note's delivery and by notice within 24 hours through the e-mail info@pipesmartin.com.

It has a maximum of seven days to request a refund.

Refunds will be exchanged for another product of equal or greater value, no money will be refunded.

For returns contact PIPESMARTIN PIPAS ARTESANALES in the e-mail info@pipesmartin.com.

For the possible payment by credit card VENDOR agrees that the card details are exclusively processed in a secure server of our bank and never VENDOR has access to the data on your credit card traveling by the network encrypted and safely.

Both parties expressly agree to the conservation of all information exchanged between them, either through URL VENDOR, or through e-mail as proof of the transactions.

The VENDOR guarantees that the personal data PURCHASER entered in the registration form and in the order form, will only be used for the execution of this contract.

Similarly, and only if the PURCHASER has given his consent to it, they will be processed automatically, for purposes that emerge directly from the contractual relationship established with VENDOR, and that the limits resulting from the contracted.

Similarly, and with the consent of the PURCHASER the same may be subject to use to send information to client VENDOR.

In any case, the PURCHASER may apply at any time to VENDOR to access, modify or cancel the data shown, you can run the option concerned by sending an email to the address: info @ pipesmartin .com.

See Privacy Policy.


These general conditions of contract will become part of the contract at the time of acceptance thereof, which shall be verified by a click on the appropriate button. In the case of electronic contracting, both parties waive conventional signature, which will be replaced by a referral from their general contract conditions, on the terms set out in Article 5 LCGC, the PURCHASER

The referral will take place at the time of the contract of service, ie, in immediately after payment by the PURCHASER time.

From that moment the contract of service shall be deemed valid and perfected.


Both parties expressly state that the acceptance of these general conditions of contract by the PURCHASER is performed by pressing the appropriate button at the foot of the screen where the final application of the order listed and access to the aforementioned general conditions, the customer declares to have read and accepted.

Similarly, merely filling the order form by the PURCHASER constitutes acceptance integrates and expresses these terms.

These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, which applies in relation to its validity, interpretation, performance and compliance. All disputes, claims and controversies regarding the foregoing shall be settled by arbitration law according to the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration VALENCIA whose rules will be submitted. This award will consist of three arbitrators appointed in accordance with those rules. . If arbitration is not conducted by mutual agreement or is declared void, both parties submit to the Courts of the city of Valencia, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if different.

The User declares to have read, understood and accepted these Terms in its entirety.