The story is like family business begins in a local street Three Forques, nº9 attached to Bar-Bodega my parents had the same number (currently we are on Street 407, No. 7-46182 The Canyada - Paterna - Valencia - SPAIN ). They granting retail shop Tobacco and Ringers with the number 143 in the capital of Valencia began the arduous task of having to care for two businesses at once, which you can imagine the extra work this entailed, having to serve meals and meet the people who were coming for wine and drinks as wine barrels were available for sale in bulk, etc.

As they did not have enough capital to purchase snuff they would like to have, engaged in empty cartons snuff out the back so that they look as if they were full, the place was packed with cartons of snuff on the shelves (but empty), the problem came when he was asked such brand of cigarettes that had completely filled the shelves and the reply was not able to serve snuff, imagine the face of customers when my parents to make the explanation commented that were decorative cardboard (heh, heh, heh).

After all efforts to work and serve our customers better off, MY PARENTS were sacrificed, I think as many of the families of you who have worked to provide a future for their children , moved to the local today day we are entirely at your service.

This reform of accommodation already planned long ago by my parents, it is in consequence of the improvement in the presentation of products and services to all kinds of smoking .

Our intention was that this local, local, had a classic flavor and an atmosphere in which they find the taste of the old, such as hardwood, cedar wood carvings, etc. La Cava Cigar of the Lord "Martin" is one of the jewels of this remodeled property. This part of the local is to dedicated to my father who could not see your finished project, inside there is a wood carving (cedar) with the dedication of Cava Mr. Martin and signature, his two grandchildren Rafa é Iván Martín the presentation will hizieron local honors of opening this cava uncovering the firm.

Hoping they can visit a goodbye carefully family dedicated entirely to the world of Snuff.